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Top Marketing Automation Trends For 2020

TThe machines are taking over.

No, maybe not in the same way that they did in the Terminator movies – but smart, savvy, and strategic marketers and entrepreneurs today are leaning on machines, AI, and automation more than ever before to handle the heavy lifting of finding and converting new customers.

Marketing for 2020 is starting to shape up into a bit of a Wild West kind of situation. These tools are still pretty brand-new, marketers are still learning how to get a handle on them, but they aren’t shy at all about dropping them into their marketing machine and seeing what they are capable of.

If you want to be sure that your competitors aren’t blowing the doors off of your marketing efforts today and tomorrow, these are the automation trends you’re going to want to zero in on

Chat Bots Are Taking Over

Online chat bots used to be very simplistic and (honestly) not all that useful.

Today, nothing could be further from the truth.

Not only has the artificial intelligence running these chat bot tools grown by leaps and bounds in just the last five or ten years, but major investments are being made behind the scenes to work with professional writing services to craft more “human” responses and interactions.

These efforts are making these tools more useful and more effective while also freeing up a lot of the time that employees used to spend responding to these kinds of messages. This is definitely a big part of marketing moving forward.

Contextual Marketing is Bigger Than Ever

Contextual marketing – making sure that every piece of marketing you have to offer is tied as much as possible into the now, the moment, and the current zeitgeist – is a huge piece of the puzzle when it comes to business success in 2019 and is certainly going to be even more important in 2020.

AI is hugely important, but so is Big Data and other automation tools that allow you to plug into what’s hot right now even if it isn’t immediately apparent on the surface level. It’s impossible to keep your eye on pop culture right now and still run every other aspect of your business which is why strategic marketers and entrepreneurs are leaning on automation to do that for them.

Contextual marketing cuts through the noise and clutter traditional marketing makes a mess of, eliminates spray and pray kinds of campaigns, and allows you to better target your ideal prospects along the way.

Voice Search is Critical

Mobile search is already an absolute monolith in the world of marketing but voice search hasn’t yet reached that kind of critical mass necessary to make it “the next big thing” – but it isn’t all that far away, either.

According to industry sources, nearly 50% of ALL online searches are going to be made through voice search capabilities by the time 2020 closes. You simply CANNOT afford to miss out on the flood of traffic this is going to bring to your online platform if you jump out ahead of things ASAP.

More important now than ever before to not only work with the best SCO content writing services to optimize your content, but you need to be sure that you are making the decision to hire American content writers if you are catering to the American markets.

Only these professional writers are going to be able to create content that natural language speakers recognize, the kind of content that voice searches are going to be drawn to more often than not. There’s a lot of real power and leverage in making this decision, so go for quality article writing targeted towards voice search if you want to ride this next wave before your competitors do.

Offline and Online Campaigns Will Blend Together

We’ve already seen a lot more symbiosis between off-line and online marketing campaigns but in 2020 things are going to blend together even more so, especially thanks to mobile marketing and all that automation has to offer.

We aren’t all that far away from using our mobile devices to “scan” the real physical world in front of us and then have digital representations, contextual advertising, and other online experiences beamed directly to us through our mobile devices.

The lines between off-line campaigns and online campaigns is blurring more and more. You need to be thinking about how you can bring off-line prospects to your online world, how you can reach your online people off-line, and how you can perfectly meld these two disparate efforts so that they are both improving the results of one another.

Automation is changing the landscape of marketing from top to bottom. Smart marketers understand that this change is going to come whether or not they jump on board, and they also recognize that there’s a real opportunity to get out in front of their competitors that may not be willing or ready to make the jump themselves.


Written by Justin S

Justin S is an American freelance writer with more than 12 years of full time writing experience across all niches. He is our most tenured writer and handles most of our 'BEST' quality client orders.

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