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10 Things You Didn’t Know WordPress Could Do

WordPress is one of the most powerful web building tools on the planet, but most people have no idea that it’s handling the heavy lifting of powering more than 26% of the ENTIRE internet.

Millions and millions of websites are running WordPress as the underlying architecture, with an additional 1.1 million WordPress domains registered every six months or so.

There’s a reason this Content Management System (CMS) is as popular as it is – and that’s because it’s capable of creating pretty much any kind of website imaginable.

Below I’m going to break down 10 things you might not have known WordPress could do, some of which might surprise you. Let’s dig right in!

Build an Online Storefront

WordPress isn’t just for building blogs or traditional websites any longer.

Some amazing plug-ins and add-ons (as well as pretty inventive themes) completely reshape WordPress from top to bottom, turning it into an e-commerce platform that is effortless to use. Some of the biggest e-commerce platforms on the planet are running WordPress under the hood.

Easy Project Management Tool

Anyone that has to run a dedicated team to tackle complex projects knows just how hard it can be to wrangle everybody in and keep them on the same page.

When you’re competing with the best content writing websites on the planet (or competing in any other marketplace, for that matter) you need to stay on top of things. WordPress can be transformed into a project management tool – complete with messaging and file hosting solutions – while remaining infinitely customizable.

Online Booking Solution

Setting appointments online becomes a breeze when you use WordPress tools designed to overhaul this blog platform into an online scheduler. A couple of extensions, add-ons, and a theme later and you’re running an integrated solution that’s simple and straightforward to work with.

Run Virtual Tours

The real estate market is ridiculously competitive and the more you can show your prospects the properties you have to offer (from the comfort of their own home and write on their mobile device in most cases) the better chance you have to succeed.

Other virtual tour options are available through a number of WordPress extensions and add-ons. It won’t be that long until WordPress takes the next step and adds full virtual reality capabilities, either.

Control Your Freelancing Empire

Some of the best content creators offer professional writing services to other websites around the world, pumping out top-tier content to others that don’t want to handle the heavy lifting on their own.

WordPress can double as a portfolio for the best adult content writing services, the best content writing websites, and the best high-quality content writers around. You’ll be able to showcase your work, track new clients, and dominate your niche thanks to the portfolio tools WordPress brings to the table.

Manage Your Digital Downloads

Choosing to become a content creator yourself can be a game changer as far as passive income and real wealth is concerned, but you’ll need a tool and online platform to manage all of your digital downloads for you.

While you handle your content writing services WordPress access your distributor, guaranteeing that only those that have purchased legitimate access to your digital downloads are able to grab them and streamlining your workflow significantly.

It doesn’t get much better than that!

Knockout Your Own Wiki

Creating your own knowledge base with a “Wikipedia Lite” kind of set up isn’t very challenging with WordPress – and best of all, you don’t have to use the almost alien markup language that Wikipedia demands to hit the ground running with these tools, either.

Instead, you can make the most of the WYSIWYG editing tools (and third-party add-ons) to streamline the creation and updating of your own wiki. There may not be an easier way to go about creating this kind of notetaking/database system.

Live Chat Features for Your Clients

Live chat tools have proven time and time again to dramatically improve conversions when you are dealing with new prospects, and WordPress allows for effortless integration of live chat tools that can boost your bottom line right out of the gate.

The live chat tools can be implemented directly into your WordPress site with very little effort on your behalf, dragged and dropped pretty much anywhere in your existing theme, and are actively updated behind the scenes so that you don’t have to lift a finger to make the most of this business building tool.

Membership and Subscription Sites are a Breezy to Run with WordPress

Recurring income is a big piece of the business success puzzle these days, and with powerful membership WordPress plug-ins and tools you’re not only able to create subscription and membership sites but you’re also able to easily manage multilevel access for those subscriptions and memberships as well.

Talk about a set it and forget it kind of solution that handles technical issues way above most of our pay grades.

Automatically Aggregate Quality Content to Boost Your SEO

Wouldn’t it be nice to pull content directly from the best SEO content writing services, blog post writing services, web design content writing services, and best article rewriters on the planet without ever having to go out and find that content on your own?

Automatic aggregate content tools will flood your new WordPress site with fresh content, helping you to improve your search engine optimization efforts significantly while at the same time making sure that your site is always offering something new to your readers and your visitors.

This is a great way for new website owners to get a head start on content creation without having to spend a small fortune, but it also lets more established websites grow at a rapid clip because only the highest quality sources are going to be aggregated – something that you have total control over from top to bottom, too.

If you didn’t know that WordPress was capable of any of the 10 things we shared above just think about everything else it brings to the table. This is the world’s most flexible online platform building tool ever made and it should be the engine that drives your web platform, too.


Written by Justin S

Justin S is an American freelance writer with more than 12 years of full time writing experience across all niches. He is our most tenured writer and handles most of our 'BEST' quality client orders.

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