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Google Core Update June 2019: What Is It About

For the first time in, well, ever the folks at Google decided to announce ahead of time that they were going to roll out a major change to their search engine algorithm – promising that the Google Core Update for June 2019 was going to shake things up quite a bit, but giving people at least a little bit of lead time so that the changes wouldn’t be so out of the blue.

It certainly lived up to those search engine optimization world shaking expectations.

Officially live on June 3 2019, the new Core Update has brought about a handful of new changes that are going to impact the way that search engine optimization is approached.

Build not as a major overhaul of the entire search engine algorithm (the way that the infamous Panda and Penguin updates were a few short years ago), lead Google search engineer Danny Sullivan promised that this wasn’t going to be “anything special or particularly big” – but that there was going to be some changes that will impact everyone.

Video carousel changes

This new update changes the way that video carousels are displayed in search engine rankings, helping the visibility of YouTube results grow by 25% in the first week post this Core Update.

On top of that, those that search from a desktop device are going to see an increase in video carousel results as well – with an already recognized 61.1% increase since the June update was launched.

Google pushes back against low-quality news

There’s plenty of reactionary blowback as soon as a major Google shakeup is rolled out, but most of the time the initial changes level off quite a bit with only the worst offenders that were trying to game the search engine rankings ending up “burned” and shuffled to the back of the results.

With the June Core Update, however, there are quite a few major news sites that Google has identified as “low-quality news” that are definitely having their search engine rankings cratered in the aftermath of this new algorithm update.

The Daily Mail in the United Kingdom and in the United States have been hit pretty hard by this new update, and it’s almost certain that rival networks and new sources are going to be able to capitalize on this shakeup that has devalued the search engine results on articles linked through these domains.

Aggregating platforms have been juiced up

Interestingly enough, while low-quality and smaller sites are being targeted and devalued by this update for sure larger sites that have rock solid reputations for producing or aggregating quality content are going to be more than flooding the gaps left in this shakeup.

Platforms like and Yellow are seeing big boosts to their search engine rankings, and other major aggregators that are obviously working to publish work from quality content writing services are seeing a big uptick in “link juice” as well.

At the end of the day, it’s far too early to say just how much of a short-term or long-term impact the Google Core Update for June 2019 is going to have when you consider the fact that it’s only been out for little over 10 days now.

At the same time, Google has such a wide reach in the search in space today that even the smallest and subtlest changes to their algorithm are going to make waves that reach all corners of the internet – sometimes unpredictably so!


Written by Justin S

Justin S is an American freelance writer with more than 12 years of full time writing experience across all niches. He is our most tenured writer and handles most of our 'BEST' quality client orders.

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