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Does my business need a blog?

DThe short answer: most definitely

People in this age are dynamic, social creatures. The internet and social media have contributed to this phenomenon, molding each successive generation with a greater thirst for knowledge.

Why does it matter to my business?

It would only make sense that businesses cater to this information/content-hungry revolution; blogs are a way for companies to integrate in this age. They are a relatively inexpensive/easy avenue to produce new and engaging content for potential visitors/customers to your website.

Static versus dynamic

Think about the marketing that goes into films. Would you want to see a movie with trailers that recycle the same three funny lines over and over again, or a movie that adds a new scene and new dialogue with each successive preview? Probably the latter.

Your website shouldn’t be different. A static “Home” page with generic “About Our Brand” and “What We Do” sections not only bore potential customers, but also search engines like Google. Search engines are on the hunt, employing algorithms to find what sites are producing fresh quality content to the web. Delivering consistent posts with quality article writing leads to a greater probability that Google will reward your website. This is manifested in more clicks, more in-bound links, and more traffic. In essence: dynamic > static.

Social media integration

A blog doesn’t only appeal to Google and other search engines. Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook provide yet another seamless opportunity to market your company’s brand, vision, and products/services. The social media advertising model uniquely fits into the publishing of blog articles. A well-placed post on Instagram with a relevant picture and an engaging blurb about a topic relating to your company and brand (along with an accompanying link to a blog post expanding on said topic) is an effective means of building customer awareness and engagement across platforms.

Authoritative source of information

In this new world where knowledge and information are so prevalent, consumers are searching for which sources of said knowledge and information are worth looking into and learning more about. A consistent output of relevant, useful information regarding your company’s products and/or services allows you a unique chance to engage your potential customer base in a meaningful way. Now, offering meager, average blog posts without plenty of quality content is useless and will likely have the reverse effect of what you are intending: making visitors to your site into customers. This is the importance, as stated before, of delivering quality content to your target audience. Hiring professional writing services is not necessary to achieve this, but it is one avenue for you to have a reliable production of quality material regarding your business.

There you have it. Although your business doesn’t need a blog to ensure success, this revolutionary data-age in which consumers are glued to their computers and smart phones is a telling sign that the world is shifting. Blogs cater to this age, and you might as well capitalize.

Written by Jason S

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