Uber About Us

Just over 10 years ago Uber was first launched by Garrett Camp, an entrepreneur and computer programmer that was fed up with paying a mountain of money for private car services.

The idea of a ridesharing solution came to him after spending $800 for a private driver on New Year’s Eve 2009, and in no time at all the initial prototype that would become the tech giants we know now as Uber was launched.          

While this company started off with the intention of shaking up the cab and private car industry it has grown into one of the most successful startup companies of the last decade, a company today worth billions of dollars and serving more than 173 different nations around the planet.

Not only offering people an opportunity to take advantage of inexpensive ridesharing solutions but also giving folks the opportunity to make money acting as a driver with Uber, this company really kicked off the sharing economy and changed the trajectory of tech startup companies completely.

Now a public organization traded on the New York Stock Exchange (under the ticker UBER) the company is starting to expand beyond right shares and offering meal delivery services, social payment services, and even shipping solutions poised to shake up those industries as well.

The future has never looked brighter for Uber than it does right now.