Buying Guide For The Top 5 Centrifugal Juicers

Some of the best juicers on the planet, centrifugal juicers are going to actively pull the ingredients that you are choosing deeper into the spinning blades in juicing mechanism – producing a more consistent, a fresher tasting, and a much more nutritious juice (while making a lot more juice as well).

Sure, these juicers are quite a bit louder than masticating juicers or hand juicers. In fact, many of the best options are almost as loud as a traditional blender. But if you’re serious about your health and wellness, and want to make nutritious homemade juice a staple of your daily diet, a centrifugal juicer is the only way to go.

To help guarantee you get your hands on the only the highest quality equipment, we’ve selected our top five favorites below. You can’t go wrong pulling the trigger on any five of these choices!

Breville BJE510XL Juice Fountain

An absolute tank of a juicer, this game changing unit leverages a 900 W motor to drive internal cutting blades at speeds between 6500 and 12,000 RPMs – more than enough “juice” to rip through pretty much any ingredient you could imagine feeding into this monster.

The slower speeds are great for softer foods (like oranges) while the higher speeds are best suited to your tougher vegetables (like carrots). Because you are able to effortlessly change speed on the fly you’ll have no trouble whatsoever getting the perfect speed for your ingredients as you add them to your juicer. This speeds up the production of your finished product dramatically.

The folks at Breville have been making beautifully designed to and capable equipment for years and years, and it’s easy to see why this juicer in particular is regarded as one of the best money can buy – centrifugal juicer or otherwise.

Easy to use, easy to clean, and about as durable as a Sherman tank this is a “buy it once for life” kind of investment and has a price tag to match. At the end of the day, however, this is a next level juicer you don’t want to sleep on.

Breville BJE820XL Juice Fountain Duo

Another amazing centrifugal juicer from the folks at Breville, the only thing holding this particular unit back from grabbing our top spot is the fact that it is a little bit more challenging to clean and maintain because of the dual spinning blade configuration and leverages.

This unit has a 1200 W motor (300 W more than the unit above) with a top end speed of 13,000 RPM. You’ll be able to rip and tear through even the densest of ingredients with, and because you are feeding your ingredients through two different blades you’re going to get a much higher and more consistent level of juicing out of this unit as well.

Made from diecast metal materials and engineered as if it was going to be sent into space, this is a happy, expensive, and lifelong juicer that isn’t going to disappoint you anytime soon. The locking arm safety mechanism is a nice addition that protects young children from getting into trouble with a powerful juicer like this, and it’s three year warranty is going to give you a lot of comfort as well.

Cuisinart CJE-1000 Die-Cast Juice Extractor

A lot more affordable than the other two options we just highlighted, this Cuisinart unit is still plenty capable, still plenty powerful, and still able to produce world-class and nutritious juices in a hurry without destroying your ingredients or leaving a lot of waste behind, either.

The 1000 W motor is going to power through all of your favorite ingredients with ease, in the five adjustable speed settings really help you to dial things in so that you’re always matching your blades to your ingredients to maximize juice production.

The adjustable flow spout gives you more control over just how much juice is being extracted at any one particular point in time. It also helps with “concurrent mixing” so that you don’t have to worry about having to blend different ingredients separately and then mixing your juice before you consume it.

You will want to “pop the top” on your juice as quickly as you can after making it with this Cuisinart unit – like you will with all centrifugal juicers – but if you’re going to produce a large quantity of juice you can hold it in the included 1.2 L pitcher as well.

Kuvings NJ-9500U Centrifugal Juice Extractor

Pretty affordable (comparable to the Cuisinart we highlighted above), this juicer is as user-friendly as they come – perfect for people just starting to get into the world of juicing with a piece of hardware that isn’t going to break their bank account into tiny little pieces.

Not quite as powerful or as feature-rich as some of the other options we highlight, you still get a 350 W motor capable of spinning high-powered blades at speeds upwards of 11,000 RPMs.

You might have to take a little bit of extra time and a little bit of extra care to work through your ingredients compared to using some of the other juicers, but at the end of the day that deliberate approach is going to results in improved nutrition and a higher-quality juice that is as healthy as it is delicious.

This company stands behind their product every step of the way, with an included three year warranty that should give you a lot of consumer confidence going forward.

Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain

The folks at Breville are trying to corner the market on centrifugal juicers, producing top-tier options at every price point and for every “juice head” out there imaginable!

This option is there more bare-bones and compact unit, a world-class juicer that has been condensed down into a smaller footprint with an accompanying smaller price tag.

Fantastic for folks that aren’t going to have to crank out gigantic batches of juice on a regular and consistent basis, but instead for single people, couples, and small families that expect to juice on a daily basis or so – whipping up fresh batch after fresh batch when they want to drink juice rather than stockpiling quantities – this unit is easy to use and maintain.

The least expensive of all the juicers that we highlighted, this unit is a perfect entry point if you’re looking to dip your toe into the world of juicing and see if it is for you. You won’t have to shell out a whole bunch of money on a piece of equipment with features you wouldn’t have taken advantage of any way while still enjoying healthy, nutritious, and beautifully prepared juice every step of the way.

This is a great juicer and well worth its price tag (and then some).

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, finding the perfect centrifugal juicer for your specific needs going to come down to shopping for an option that:

             Fits your nutritional objectives perfectly

             Is easy to use, maintain, and clean

             Will dovetail nicely with your day to day routine

             Won’t break your bank account into tiny little pieces

             Produces a top-quality juice that you wouldn’t have ever been able to get anywhere else

We are happy to say that all of the options we highlighted above – all five of them – that those criteria perfectly. If you want to be sure that your only ever investing in the best of the best centrifugal juicers out there, pick one of the five that we reviewed above!


If you are serious about your health and wellness, there might not be a better investment in your nutrition than a top-tier centrifugal juicer.