Press Release For Red Dead Redemption 2 Launch

Red Dead Redemption 2 Celebrates the Myth of the Wild West and Changes Gaming FOREVER

Red Dead Redemption 2, both the second installment in this now legendary open world gaming franchise that explores the Wild West at its wildest and a prequel to the original titular title, at only the highest of expectations before it launched – and somehow blew past all of them!

Rockstar Games reports that their first title since Grand Theft Auto V (released five years ago) sold $725 million worth of games in its opening weekend – making it the single biggest opening weekend in the history of all entertainment.

To say that this cowboy shoot ‘em up game has taken the industry by storm would be the understatement of the century.

Ushering in a brand-new approach to the tried and true open world gaming experience that Rockstar pioneered with their GTA titles (and the first RDR), fans and critics alike are already calling this not just the best game of the year – but maybe the best game of the last 10 years.

Placing you in the role of Arthur Morgan, a member of a band of outlaws trying to stay a step ahead of the law and the encroachment of civilization as well as a society that doesn’t want these outlaws existing any longer, you have an opportunity to rob, steal, hunt, and kill your way across the largest map ever created by Rockstar.

You will have plenty of opportunity to redeem your character, to weigh the moral and ethical decisions you make every step of the way, and watches every decision you make influences not just the narrative you play but the entire open world around you.

Everything (EVERYTHING) you do in RDR2 as Arthur Morgan has consequences.

Choose the wrong clothing for the environment you are “living” in and your health will degrade. Don’t clean your weapons after each firefight and engagement and they might shame on you or fail when you need them most. Your horse will need to be trained and bonded to you, but one wrong step – or an errant bullet from bounty hunters hot on your trail – may kill your horse permanently, forcing you to start all over again with a brand-new animal.

You’ll have the opportunity to interact with a gang of more than 20 characters, each of them with their own storylines, their own digital lives, and their own way of impacting how you experience the world of RDR2.

Rockstar has created a real world here, where everything you do feels important. There’s never been a game like this before, and after eight years in development (with the entire Rockstar team boldly working on this title) we might not see a game like this for another decade!


Rockstar Games breathes life into the Old West with their new open world game Red Dead Redemption 2.