Uber: About Us

Uber is transforming the way that the world moves. Each day, millions of people hail an Uber and drive their life forward.

At the tap of a button, riders around the globe are able to hail an Uber and take it to their next adventure. Some travelers use Uber to get home after a long day at the office, to arrive at their dream job interview, and countless other situations.

Uber offers on-demand transportation through a cutting-edge mobile application. A trusted network of 4 million driver-partners make Uber a reality. These drivers offers safe and convenient service, ferrying loyal riders from A to B.

The service is a win-win for both parties. Driver-partners are empowered to choose their own hours and log in and out of the system at will. They also circumvent expensive taxi rental leases.

For their part, riders get low-cost transportation that is convenient and safe. Every journey is tracked, driving accountability and ensuring that passengers are safe and treated with respect.

One trip at a time, Uber continues to grow and expand its presence around the world. As more riders begin to experience the benefits of Uber, its presence grows ever-stronger and its reputation is cemented.