Better Sex Tips For Men Over 50

META-DESCRIPTION **Sex after 50 can become lackluster and repetitive. Discover the top tips every man should know for better sex after 50.**

There is a common misconception that men over the age of 50 lose their libido. However, this could not be further from the truth. Sexual desire is still burning strong. You just need to fan that fire a little more than you did when you were younger.

Sex is not the reserve for those under 50. There is nothing stopping you from enjoying a regular and fulfilling sex life, even when you turn half a century old. Our top tips for better sex after 50 will help add a little bit of spice back into your love life.

Exercise Daily

As you get older, flexibility begins to decrease. By taking regular exercise, you can strengthen your muscles. You don't need to hit the gym 5 days a week. Some simple strength training activities and regular stretching can help prevent pulled muscles and cramping from occurring. Nothing kills the mood faster than the searing pain of a pulled muscle.

Aside from improving your flexibility and overall fitness levels, exercise releases endorphins. Feel good hormones such as serotonin help elevate the mood (1). Low mood equals a low libido and vice versa. Regular exercise also reduces the likelihood encountering issues with erectile dysfunction. It can be as simple as a stroll through the park or climbing the stairs for 20 minutes a day.

Focus On Intimacy

Many men think sex is all about intercourse. While intercourse is definitely enjoyable, for some it is no longer possible, especially those with low testosterone or diabetes (2). This is where intimacy and experimentation come into play. You don't need penetration to enjoy an explosive sex life after 50.

It is surprising just how erotic and sensual an oil massage can be. Your hands were made for exploring and they can deliver just as much pleasure as your penis. Vibrators combined with oral sex can also satisfy your partner just as well as intercourse can. If not more so.

Try New Positions

When you turn 50, no one is expecting you to do the wheelbarrow or the Python. Even men in their 20s struggle with these! 50 is by no means old, and many men are still as flexible and active as those in their 30s. But if you are starting to experience aches and pains associated with aging, different positions can make sex more comfortable.

As an example, if you suffer from back pain the missionary position can make pain worse. Having sex in the spoon position (side by side) can relieve pressure from the spine and allow you to focus on pleasurable sensations instead of pain (3). Sex is not a one size fits all activity. Experimenting with different positions will help you discover what works best for you and your partner.