About Us

First founded in 2009, Uber has grown into one of the most powerful transportation companies in the country. The company is known for a number of services at this point. The list currently includes ride sharing, food delivery, ride service hailing, and even a bicycle sharing system. Uber makes it possible to handle all of these needs from the comfort of their straightforward app. Signing up, which includes adding your preferred method of payment, takes just a few minutes. In terms of payments, Uber works with a number of different options, including all major credit cards, as well as services like PayPal.

Currently operating in nearly 800 cities across the world, Uber can be ideal for virtually any transportation needs. You can use Uber to explore a new destination, as easily as you can use Uber to get to an appointment on time. Many people have started using Uber to make their daily work commutes a little easier.

Offering a number of safety measures, Uber promises a secure ride, regardless of where you need to go. It is also possible to add multiple destinations to a single trip. Uber also offers a number of different options for vehicles, depending on what kind of ride you would like to experience.