Top 5 Centrifugal Juicers

Traditionally the most common of the different types of juicers, centrifugal juicers use fast-spinning metal blades. The blade will then spin against a type of mesh filter. Utilizing what is known as centrifugal force, the juice is separated from the flesh of whatever you are juicing. Your juice is then placed into a container, while the pulp is moved to a different container.

The benefits of these juicers are numerous. They are easy to use, work well, and are generally very easy to clean up. They also have the benefit of being quite affordable. If you are shopping around for one, consider our list of the 5 best centrifugal juicers.

Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain 700-Watt Juice Extractor

One of the very best centrifugal juicers on the market, this release from Breville certainly packs a punch. This product features a heavy-duty juice fountain that utilizes a centralized assembly of knife blades. This seven-hundred-watt motor will operate at an impressive 14, 000 RPM. This ensures extraction, regardless of what you are trying to juice.

The safety locking arm is another feature we like. This means that unless the juicing cover is firmly attached and secured, the juicer will not be operational. The three-inch centered feed tube is also impressive. Combine this with the heavy-grade polymer body, and you have a juicer that can handle large volumes of challenging, multifaceted recipes. The stainless-steel cutting disc works well with the micro-mesh filter. This allows the juicer to extract a significant amount of not only the juice you want, but the vitamins you need, as well.

A custom cleaning brush is included with the juicer. You will also want to keep in mind that this juicer is completely dishwasher safe. Keeping it clean is pretty straightforward. Doing so will ensure you can enjoy everything this juicer has to offer for a long time to come. It is compact, simple, and works well in just about any space.

MUELLER Juicer Ultra 1100W Power

If you are looking for something with serious power, this is going to be a juicer well worth considering. Featuring a sleek and decidedly modern design, this juicer gives you a staggering 1100 watts of power. There are larger juicers that do not have the same power as this one. Not everyone needs a juicer with this kind of strength, but it is still something that is worth keeping in mind. This juicer promises that you can make a sixteen-ounce cup of juice in less than ten seconds.

The dual speed feature is nice, as well. This gives you a formidable element of control over how much power you are actually using. If you are making juice from fruits like oranges or tomatoes, the lower speed is going to prove to be ideal. On the other hand, if you want to juice things like kale or carrots, the higher speed setting will probably be your best bet.

Made from BPA-free materials, this is another juicer that benefits from being remarkably easy to clean. It also doesn’t take up very much space, which makes it another example of a juicer that can be perfect for those with smaller kitchens.

Hamilton Beach (67608A) Juicer, Electric, 800 Watt

Available in two different speeds, this 800-watt electric juicer is perfect for someone with simple juicing needs. With latches to keep your juicing firmly where it ought to be, you are going to find yourself juicing things like beets and various fruits in hardly any time at all. The 20oz juice cup allows you to make a good amount of juice every single time. You are also going to find cleaning this juicer to be remarkably straightforward. It can be cleaned in just a few minutes, and you will also want to keep in mind that all of the materials used to make this juicer are BPA-free. A cleaning tool is also included, which makes it easy to clean the juicer as needed.

The three-inch feed chute is also worth appreciating in greater detail. The chute is designed to make it easy to juice entire foods with little trouble. In other words, if you want to juice something like an entire apple, the chute will make it easy to do that. You can also take advantage of the recipe ideas that are included with the product. This is a great juicer for anyone who plans to use a wide range of items in creating their favorite juices and other items.

Gourmia GJ1250 Wide Mouth Fruit Centrifugal Juicer

With 1000 watts of power, this is a great juicer for anyone who wants something in the middle-range on the power side of things. The wide mouth design is great in the sense that it eliminates the need for cutting and slicing things up beforehand. Virtually anything you want to do with this juicer can be handled with hardly any trouble. It is designed to work well with virtually any whole foods you may have in mind.

Two settings are featured here. This is another element that gives the juicer the ability to handle most anything. It can make up to thirty-two ounces of juice, and you will also want to note the 8.5 cup pulp tank. This is a fairly large juicer, but it is not the largest on the market by any means. You will certainly appreciate the fact that this is one of the quietest juicers currently on the market. This is another good example of a juicer that is extremely easy to care for. Doing so means you will be able to enjoy everything this product has to offer for a long time to come. A recipe book is also included to get you started.

BELLA High Power Juice Extractor

Made from stainless steel, and packing quite a solid punch, this is an excellent product from the makers at BELLA. This is another manufacturer with a good reputation for making powerful, compact, and straightforward juicers. The wide feeder tube makes it ideal for those who plan to use both fruits and veggies in their juicing plans. This juicer features 1000 watts of power, and you are going to find yourself with two different speeds. For virtually any juicing needs you may have in mind, the two speeds included should make doing so an absolute snap.

This is ultimately an ideal starter product for anyone searching for their first juicer. The same can be said for all of the items in our list, but this one in particular is great for giving you everything you need right from the start. The blade system in this juicer is fast, simple, and powerful. It works quickly at a wide range of items. With this juicer, you will also appreciate how easy it is to clean everything. Simple care can help this durable product to last even longer. The one-liter juice container means you can make something for everyone in just a few moments.


The five centrifugal juicers above can give you a clear idea of what is available to you. These juicers are all worth a serious look. While they represent just a few examples of the juicers available to you, these are far and away the best choices for newcomers to juicing. At the same time, even those with a certain measure of experience should be able to enjoy everything these products have to offer.

Consider your budget and needs. Keeping these things in mind, it should be easy to find exactly what you are looking for. Have a good time trying so many amazing recipes!