iPhone XS Review

The new iPhone XS proves that Apple can still put out of the most powerful performer on the market. Does that make it the best? It certainly stands to reason, particularly when you learn more about the improvements and features that mark this latest from the tech giant. However, there are still certain downsides that are impossible to completely ignore. The choice with a phone such as this is ultimately yours to make. It seems likely that Apple devotees will want one inherently, but how about everyone else? Is it truly worth it?

Almost certainly. More than just a by-the-numbers upgrade, the iPhone XS is Apple’s best iPhone to date.

XS Review

Yeah, the XS is a follow-up to the X. However, the S models have long since maintained a tradition of taking the iPhone to new plateaus. This latest release is no different. The design behind this phone, featuring supremely premium materials, is absolutely breathtaking. The camera is also worth appreciating. Quite frankly, the camera on the iPhone XS is one of the best we have ever seen. You could even make a strong argument that the XS features the best camera currently available on the market.

The XS and XS Max also feature absolutely phenomenal screens. This is particularly true with the Max. Face ID is more responsive than ever, which highlights just how intelligent Apple devices have become. The Face ID being the best we’ve seen to date is just one example of what we mean. Overall, in terms of performance, this phone absolutely demolishes the competition. No offense to Android users, but nothing with the Android OS compares to the punch the XS and XS Max can pack. From a performance standpoint, there really isn’t anything that comes close to what these devices bring to the table.

To be sure, there are some downsides, as well. The starting price on the XS is roughly $900 bucks, and it’s nearly $1100 for the XS Max. Those prices give the XS the distinction of being some of the priciest phones ever released to market. The battery life for the device is solid, but we wouldn’t call it a significant improvement over the previous model. The headphone jack dongle is regrettably not included, and it doesn’t have a very fast charger.

Still, when you compare the good points against the bad, the XS still comes out on top. This is truly one of the best smartphones we have ever seen.