How to Lose Stubborn Belly Fat for Men in 30 Days

It is difficult to lose stubborn belly fat but not impossible. There is one major difference between weight loss in general and losing belly fat that is too rigid or unresponsive to usual dieting and exercise. Your body will try to cling onto the fat in your belly unless it has absolute need to burn it. A comprehensive strategy based on a holistic understanding of how our body works is the only answer to how to lose stubborn belly fat for men in thirty days.

Begin your day with a cardio workout

You can wake up, drink some water, stretch all muscles and flex all joints for five to ten minutes, extend it to fifteen minutes if you want and then go for a jog. You may run a mile initially and then increase it to three miles in a week. Aim for five miles. You must trigger your body to start burning fat from the moment you wake up. This will not happen if you do not work out in the morning.

Restrict your calorie intake

Do not shun carbohydrates completely. The body will cling onto the energy reserves or fats if you do not provide the energy needed for the run the next morning. Eat moderate servings of healthy foods. Avoid sugar and oil, cheese and butter. Eat more viscous fiber. This kind of dietary fiber is indigestible and it helps make you feel fuller so you will eat less. Eat smaller meals, five to six times a day to keep your metabolism working overtime. You need hyperactive metabolism to lose belly fat.

Make time in evenings

Take care of your personal and professional commitments through the day and work out again in the evening. This could be strength training or high intensity interval training. Regardless of which type of exercise you choose depending on the level of fitness and endurance you have, you must do some core exercises and target the belly fat. Effective core exercises are imperative and they must be followed up with the likes of sit-ups, crunches, inclined sit-ups, leg raises and others. 

Drink enough water to stay hydrated

The last meal of the day should be at least two hours before sleep. The first meal should be immediately after the morning workout. You need to keep up with this schedule six days a week for four to five weeks to lose substantial belly fat.