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6 Suggestions On How Your Business Can Take Advantage Of Facebook Groups

Facebook is an undeniable giant of the online landscape today.

As a smart and savvy marketer you need to be doing EVERYTHING you can to make the most of the leverage Facebook has to offer, and that almost always includes tapping into Facebook Groups and using them for business success.

Here are six tips and tricks to help you do exactly that.

Let’s dive right in!

Actively sell your products and services through these groups

The first and most obvious way to make the most of Facebook Groups to boost your business is to actually sell your products and services directly through these groups, using them as an extension of your traditional sales funnel.

Facebook has recently added tools that allow you to sell things directly inside of Groups. Learn the ins and outs of leveraging these tools ASAP and you’ll have another channel for sales that you can tap right into without a lot of extra effort.

Use Facebook Groups as an “upsell”

Facebook Groups allow you to create your own little community, your own private forum, and also have tools to manage access – all of which can be packaged into a neat little upsell to some of the other products and services you already have on offer.

Upsells are basically free money and when you’re talking about Facebook Groups that for the most part manage themselves (though you’ll have to pop in from time to time to steer things in the right direction) you can really generate some incredible value with very little effort on your behalf.

If you need to flood your Facebook Groups with quality content to steer things in the right direction you can always work with professional writing services. Hire American content writers to craft content in your voice (making the decision to buy articles invoke whenever possible) and you can run your Groups in perpetuity without having to do any of the content creation yourself.

Promote live events on other platforms

Another way to implement Facebook Groups directly into your sales funnel is to use them as another marketing channel.

You know that the people signed up and engaged with your Group are interested in what you have to offer, making them a pool of hot prospects that you want to regularly be marketing to.

Move them from Facebook Groups to Twitter, for example – or Discord, or a live webinar, etc. – and you’ll be able to push them further along your marketing funnel and closer to becoming paid customers without a lot of effort.

Establish expertise and authority in your market

Facebook Groups give you a great chance to showcase quality article writing without your competition swinging in from a chandelier or even being all that accessible.

You’ll always be top of mind, you’ll always be the “head honcho”, and you’ll always be able to exert the most control and influence over your Facebook Group just by the very nature of you running the thing in the first place.

Creating expertise and authority in a new industry becomes really easy when you take this kind of approach.

Collective valuable market research and feedback

Of course, is decent amount of the content created in your Facebook Groups are going to be generated by other users (not by SEO content writing services).

This means you’re going to be very plugged in to your market, your niche, and your industry.

You’ll be able to collect very valuable market research and feedback about your own products and services, the kind of inside information you might not have been able to dig up otherwise.

Providing responsive customer support

Lastly, it’s not a bad idea to use your Facebook Groups as a channel for customer service and support.

Not only are all the tools to handle these key parts of business ready to rock and roll thanks to Facebook engineers (not to mention 100% free of charge), but eventually you’ll be able to create a bit of a knowledge base from handling past customer support issues that you can almost automate everything altogether.M


Written by Justin S

Justin S is an American freelance writer with more than 12 years of full time writing experience across all niches. He is our most tenured writer and handles most of our 'BEST' quality client orders.

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