Better Sex After 50 For Men

If you are approaching the half-century mark, and are nervous about your bedroom activities starting to slide by the wayside – or just wondering how things are going to change after you hit this milestone – you’ve come to the right place.


We would love to tell you that sex isn’t going to change all that much after you blow out your 50th candle (and compared to your last day as a 49-year-old, there isn’t all that much change to speak of). The truth be told there’s going to be a handful of things you’re going to want to be aware of as you approach this big birthday to help improve things in the bedroom.

Embrace The Change

As you get older you are going to start to notice the war of attrition Father Time has been waging on you ever since you hit your prime in your mid to late 20s.

Things that didn’t ache are going to ache, things that didn’t wear you out are going to wear you out, and a lot of your flexibility is going to go right out the window. Muscle mass is going to atrophy faster, hair is going to start to slide off of your head and start sprouting up other places, and host of other changes are going to occur.

Rather than pop a rug on your head, grow out a bushy mustache, and by a red Ferrari the way that Magnum would – the prototypical midlife crisis moves – you will instead want to roll with the punches and embrace the change.

Your confidence will skyrocket and confidence is currency in the bedroom.

Better Sex Through Modern Chemistry

The dirty little secret about Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is that the overwhelming majority of men are going to have to fight back against this condition as they get older. You might feel like you are all alone in this battle, but you are anything but a solo fighter in this arena.

Don’t resist those little blue pills and everything they bring to the table. Pride has no place in this equation. Do what you have to so that you can get to do what you want to.

Shake Things Up A Bit

The odds are pretty good that you have a little bit of a routine you’ve worn into a rut when it comes to your “classic moves” – and the odds are pretty good that if you’re with a longtime partner they know the play-by-play by heart by now.

Shake things up a bit with a couple of curveballs and you’ll be able to reignite a flame at 50 and beyond that you might have thought was extinguished before.




You don’t have to be Cupid to solve the better sex after 50 puzzle. All you need are a couple of these tips.